Self-esteem is how gymnasts feel about themselves. It is shaped by both their successes in life and competitions and positive interactions with others including coaches, teammates and parents. Again, it is prudent for coaches to make an effort to do whatever it is that they can to boost every gymnast’s self-esteem.

Gymnasts See Themselves as Mirrored by Those Around them

A gymnast’s self-image refers to how they see themselves fitting into the world and the gymnastics world. To a great extent a gymnast’s image of themselves is molded by the responses of others around them including their teammates, parents and coaches.

Fate is a Factor

To a great extent a gymnast’s experiences in life are the primary factor. There is no possibility for escaping all of the effects of heredity, talent levels, body type and just plain good or bad luck. But coaches and parents can and do have a strong effect on self-image, self-esteem, and therefore, the self-confidence of their gymnasts. And coaches should encourage gymnasts in the effort to build their teammates self-confidence.

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